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THE FALL Sub-Lingual Tablet CD

The closing scene of Michaelangelo Antonioni’s Zabriskie Point shows a building exploding. For six minutes or so, in super-slow motion, and from every possible angle. Fast-moving it isn’t, but it is fascinating, watching refrigerator doors and dust and bits of wire and pipe hurtle towards the camera, arcing and twirling and floating and falling in […]

KILLING JOKE The Singles Collection, 1979-2012 2xCD

Would it be too much to presume at least a passing familiarity with band so as to forego an unnecessary and tedious recitation of their particular attributes? I think not. If you have any awareness of your culture at this point, you know who they are and what they do. So I won’t bother mentioning […]



Let’s get this out of the way: I am a longtime friend and occasional collaborator with Hepa/Titus founder Kevin Rutmanis, so of course I can be expected to file the obligatory fawning review. Yeah, yeah, call it nepotism or whatever you will: That does nothing to change the fact that this is a kickass band, […]


NIL BY MOUTH directed by Gary Oldman; Sony Pictures, 1998

I’ve generally steered away from the cinema ever since Jody Foster broke my heart with the putrescent Contact, and even when I did attend somewhat regularly, I didn’t pay much attention to Gary Oldman, aside from noting that he was one of the doofs in that vampire movie. So, count me surprised to find his […]

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AMPHETAMINE REPTILE RECORDS 25 Year Anniversary Bash Recap

If anyone would have asked me more than twenty years ago if I ever thought I'd see the day where a large percentage of AmRep's roster would get together in Minneapolis and celebrate Amphetamine Reptile's 25th Anniversary—I would have probably said yes just based on the talent Hazelmyer had collected at that point. If you […]