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Black Tusk


With the sunshine-y days waning and bowing to the lengthened nights and the Harvest Moon well behind it is time to shut oneself in for lengthened periods of time and delve deeper and deeper into our favorite homestead habits. For myself, as you may have guessed, that means the music input is doubled and the […]


JUCIFER Throned In Blood CD/LP

It's been awhile since I checked in on Jucifer. The releases I've heard in the past showed a band that certainly had promise, but hadn't put the whole package together. Unfortunately, Throned in Blood maintains that streak. The sound is a bit of Melvins sludge, but with more of a doom metal feel. On this […]



Anyone remotely familiar with the underground metal scene, most notably doom/stoner/sludge/yadda, yadda, should, by now be familiar with this project. It has been critiqued, pined for, drooled on, and expected to be the best thing to happen to metal since the Nü sub-shit-genre disappeared. The reason for the hubbub? Any doom fan shits them self […]



Greetings and welcome to the inaugural edition of Death Rattle, the new bi-monthly Your Flesh column showcasing the best and worst of all things metal.