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Being a punk band a couple decades ago must've been tough.  Being a bummer punk band like Flipper, Stick Men With Rayguns, Drunks With Guns, or Feedtime (Gentlemen's fellow countrymen) must've been even tougher.  Getting people to care about ugly, repetitive, shit-fi music isn't an easy task.  That's one reason why I admire the people […]


WIZZARD SLEEVE: Codeine-Sharting in the Confederate Glue Goth Tard Wave Pool

Wizzard Sleeve is not for everyone. The vast majority of Hipsterslovakian provincials in remote outposts like, say, Brooklyn, aren’t hip enough, or, more to the point, they’re so hip, they’re unhip. Negative and/or condescendingly (“Can you believe these guys are from Alabama? That’s CRAZY!”) dismissive reviews of Wizzard Sleeve’s debut album, written in prose redolent […]


AMERICAN HARDCORE: A TRIBAL HISTORY by Steven Blush; Feral House, 2001

I have little respect for someone who uses a literary opportunity for an ulterior motive, which is what author Blush does here. The former music promoter makes a disingenuous attempt to document the history of the “hardcore” punk movement while pimping his third generation band, No Trend, which had absolutely nothing to do with any […]