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ICEAGE New Brigade CD/LP

If Sassy was still around, Iceage would be a shoo-in for Cute Band Alert. Four handsome teenage punks from Denmark that exude sexy angst and craft songs with a sense of urgency and despair—perfect fodder to dampen panties. But these boys are more than just heartthrob material, New Brigade is packed with twelve songs that […]


TIM KASHER The Game of Monogamy CD/LP

Were Tim Kasher a screenwriter—and yes, it’s only a matter of time—he’d be well-off and well-known for semi-downer romantic comedies, each and every one of which would undoubtedly star John Cusack as The Man Who Would Not Grow Up, and a generic, all-American sort of actress cast as the love interest who grew tired of […]



Greetings and welcome to the inaugural edition of Death Rattle, the new bi-monthly Your Flesh column showcasing the best and worst of all things metal.


VARIOUS ARTISTS The Bosse Sound: Swedish Punk, Hardcore and New Wave 1979 - 1986 CD

For a long while, this was the stuff I couldn't get enough of: obscure punk rock from exotic locales, be it Paris or Albany—or, in this case, somewhere in Sweden. The punk explosion created the folk music of our generation, and it was always a kick to hear how newly empowered kids in tiny bands […]