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GAY WITCH ABORTION Opportunistic Smokescreen Behavior LP

Gay Witch Abortion's guitarist can probably communicate with humpback whales through his amp.  Throughout this album, he makes some glorious noise, the likes of which would be incredibly difficult to replicate.  Take that, GWA tribute bands of the future!  After whale talking for a minute or so, this two-piece ventures into heavy blues for the […]

Black Tusk


With the sunshine-y days waning and bowing to the lengthened nights and the Harvest Moon well behind it is time to shut oneself in for lengthened periods of time and delve deeper and deeper into our favorite homestead habits. For myself, as you may have guessed, that means the music input is doubled and the […]


ISIS Wavering Radiant CD/LP

While the post-metal house that Aaron Turner and friends built seems largely unchanged from the curb, inside there's a different kitchen. Waving Radiant, the fifth Isis studio album, sips influence from veteran stoner rock producer Joe Barresi, who underscores the wheeze from the keys of Clifford Meyer--are those stems in the gatefold?—and adds wiry depth […]