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It’s hard to believe that it has been nearly twenty years since the last proper Oblivians release. 9 Songs With Mr. Quintron came out in 1997 and solo releases from Greg Cartwright and Jack Yarber, as well as the sporadic reformation of Compulsive Gamblers, followed a year later. As the 00s arrived, those still hoping […]



THE DESPERATE BICYCLES “The Medium Was Tedium” b/w “Don’t Back The Front THE DESPERATE BICYCLES “Smokescreen” b/w “Handlebars” These singles go for a fortune when you can find them so I was happy to see that they were being reissued/bootlegged. Happiness short lived. These sound like shit. Save your money. I wish I had. [Refill] […]



ATLAS SOUND “Parallax” b/w “Oh Ricky” The Bradford Cox machine never rests. He’s the motherfucking Prince of indie rock. I’d give that title to Robert Pollard but he’s not weird enough. The A-side is lifted straight off the LP of the same name but the B-side is what makes this 7” interesting. There are two […]


THE SPITS (Fifth Album) CD/LP

The Spits—the brothers Sean and Erin Wood and a rotating cast of drummers and keyboard players—have been a band for seventeen years now. Granted, it has only been the last ten years since they’ve steadily released records (the seven years before that spent producing absurd, strange, and hilarious productions for cable access television), but the […]


DAVILA 666 Tan Bajo CD/LP

Tan Bajo, the latest from San Juan, Puerto Rico’s Davila 666, finds the young band continuing to explore rock’s nether regions with aplomb, improving on their fantastic debut. Modern garage rock lives and dies by its ability to be memorable, to wrench enough substantial melody from the din to warrant repeat listens. Davila 666 understands this, and excel at the sort of instantly likeable, dirty rock […]


CHEAP TIME Fantastic Explanations (and Similar Situations) CD/LP

Fantastic Explanations is neither as full nor as glam as the debut Cheap Time record, and though it comes off somewhat like a Henry Clay People performance comes off on stage—one could imagine these songs played loud, live, with a drunken, epic conclusion, wearing all the aspirations of a bona fide '70s rock show—it sounds […]



John Dwyer can’t sit still. He has been delivering one form of damage or another since his days in the San Francisco, CA duo Pink and Brown. But of all his projects, current and retired, nothing seems to have won over the masses like Thee Oh Sees. Dwyer rewards his faithful with generous helpings, check […]