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THE OOPS Taste of Zimbabwe CD/LP

Now that bands like Off!, Cola Freaks, and Loose Dudes are making Capital-P Punk Rock something palatable/worthwhile/entertaining/relevant/what-have-you again for those of us who don’t come into the proverbial city from the proverbial burbs in our finest punky accouterments (with “’77” stitched on the backs of our neatly pressed jean jackets and everything!), I’d like to […]

Black Tusk


With the sunshine-y days waning and bowing to the lengthened nights and the Harvest Moon well behind it is time to shut oneself in for lengthened periods of time and delve deeper and deeper into our favorite homestead habits. For myself, as you may have guessed, that means the music input is doubled and the […]



While all the new bullshit rock and roll bands mine the "garage" quarry it's pleasant to witness Vermillion Sands standing near the lip of it, whipping rocks at whoever comes into sight.  Subverting the genre you'll inevitably be lumped in with is not a new idea but it's certainly one that isn't utilized enough.  This […]