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RIPPER Into Oblivion LP

This young and freshity-fresh metal band from Portland have put out a really cool item here, a nice vinyl long-player wrapped up in a sweet gate fold dust jacket full of black and gloomy D and D artwork and foresworn grim mumblings that fit just right, selling for the Dischord friendly price of 12 bucks […]

Black Tusk


With the sunshine-y days waning and bowing to the lengthened nights and the Harvest Moon well behind it is time to shut oneself in for lengthened periods of time and delve deeper and deeper into our favorite homestead habits. For myself, as you may have guessed, that means the music input is doubled and the […]


HIGH ON FIRE Snakes For The Divine CD/LP

High on Fire's last disc, Death is This Communion, was a masterpiece and their best release to date by a wide margin. From the pure pummel of "Fury Whip" to the classic doom of the title track to the Motorhead-done-one-better of "Rumors of War," it showed off the full range of the band's skills. Coming […]