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MONUMENT AVE. directed by Ted Demme; Miramax, 1998

What would otherwise be your run-of-the-mill, gangsters trying to break-the-cycle of-violence film is elevated by the performance of Dennis Leary playing a coked-out, two-bit car thief who runs with a modern day Irish outfit out of Boston. Call the sleeper patrol on this one! Leary who is fairly well type-cast at this point, with little […]


INTO THE BADLANDS: TRAVELS THROUGH URBAN AMERICA by John William; Flamingo/Harper Collins, 1991

Roundly more fascinating for its anecdotal take on America as seen through the eyes of an Englander than Badlands is interesting for its main motivation: tracking down Mr. William's favorite American pulp fiction writers (Burke; Hiaasen; Paretsky; Leonard; Ellroy; Crumley; Vachss, etc.), of which more than a few of I don't share his enthusiasm for—though it's the thread of commonality that drew me to it in the first place. But, as I've mentioned already, that really isn't what makes Badlands interesting. Sure, some of the interview segments are worthwhile in and of themselves, but they're merely kindling.


SEXY BEAST directed by Jonathan Glazer; Film Four International, 2001

Jonathan Glazer's directorial debut (previously working in the commercial and video field) is a real corker and honestly, I can't think of a film in recent memory that succeeds in rattling the viewer's cage in such a succinct way. The premise is simple: Gal (Nil By Mouth's, Ray Winstone) is a retired career criminal living […]


DOWN BY THE RIVER WHERE THE DEAD MEN GO by George Pelecanos; St. Martin's Press, 1995

If the names Charles Willeford, David Goodis, James M. Cain or Jim Thompson do anything for you, than boy have I got a guy for you who is not only as good (in the case of Cain and Thompson he's arguably better, but that's just my opinion), and he's still alive and writing! Down By […]