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I reckon Bits of Shit is one of the worst band names in recent memory. The reason I say I reckon is because these punks call the land down under home and that's how Aussie's talk. Australians have all sorts of cute ways of referring to otherwise boring things like cigarettes (“ciggies”) and roadies (“road […]


CHEAP TIME Wallpaper Music CD/LP

Cheap Time have gone on record citing influence in Magazine and the Saints, and they've succeeded in pronouncing these influences well, their frontman and core Jeffrey Novak a sure vocal disciple of Howard Devoto and, more so on Wallpaper Music, Chris Bailey. Where 2010's Fantastic Explanations found Novak lazily slurring, as if to say, “I […]


THE SPITS (Fifth Album) CD/LP

The Spits—the brothers Sean and Erin Wood and a rotating cast of drummers and keyboard players—have been a band for seventeen years now. Granted, it has only been the last ten years since they’ve steadily released records (the seven years before that spent producing absurd, strange, and hilarious productions for cable access television), but the […]


THE OOPS Taste of Zimbabwe CD/LP

Now that bands like Off!, Cola Freaks, and Loose Dudes are making Capital-P Punk Rock something palatable/worthwhile/entertaining/relevant/what-have-you again for those of us who don’t come into the proverbial city from the proverbial burbs in our finest punky accouterments (with “’77” stitched on the backs of our neatly pressed jean jackets and everything!), I’d like to […]



WHY BE SOMETHING THAT YOU'RE NOT: DETROIT HARDCORE 1979-1985 by Tony Rettman; Revelation, 2010 AMERICAN HARDCORE: A Tribal History (Second Edition) By Steven Blush; Feral House, 2010 To begin with, it's hard to believe that the people who built the house of punk rock are part of history. Weren't we ageless warriors who could defy […]

AMERICAN HARDCORE: THE HISTORY OF PUNK ROCK 1980 - 1986 directed by Paul Rachman; Sony Pictures Classics, 2006

At some point in his life, I'm guessing, Henry Rollins took a toastmaster class. He learned how to tell a story, gesticulate expressively, enunciate with a drill instructor's aggression, and then yap on and on about his sausage-headed self. I walked out of the documentary American Hardcore wishing that he could just shut the fuck […]

EVASION by Anonymous; Crimethinc, 2001

Medium vs. message; artistry vs. application—therein lies the rub for Evasion, a distillation of journals kept by an early 20s career dumpster diver and rip-off artist. An unquestionably engrossing read but not likely to charm most readers. The individual in question starts in high school as a dumpster diver, utilizing this activity as rebellion against […]


GET IN THE VAN by Henry Rollins; 2.13.61 Publications, 1994

Some of y'all have or will be buying this book as Rollins merch, god bless ya. You don't need to read the following... This is a remarkable book. It's loaded with engrossing/amazing/appalling anecdotes. It's an invaluable chronicle of Chapter X in the annals of pop cultural history, documenting the early 80s rock underground in microscopic […]