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IT'S SO EASY: AND OTHER LIES by Duff McKagan; Touchstone, 2011

Veteran journalist Ed Quillen once pointed out that “Ray Charles did his most brilliant work during the year he was addicted to heroin” and that the magnificent Stone’s LP Exile on Main Street “has more great loud and dirty rock and roll on it than any dozen recordings by people who could pass blood tests.” […]


DEERHOOF Deerhoof Vs. Evil CD/LP

Deerhoof Vs. Evil was first and foremost a record following what seems to be a now-standard practice, with tracks released for free, one at a time, prior to the record's release. In this particular case, the anticipation method was quite possibly the smartest way—as stand-alone tracks, the newest Deerhoof songs are quirky, charming, musically unorthodox. […]


THE SEX REVOLTS: GENDER, REBELLION AND ROCK'N' ROLL by Simon Reynolds and Joy Press; Harvard University Press, 1995

The combination of music criticism and cultural studies rarely produces anything of relevance to the meaning of music. Even when the combination succeeds, the outcome is usually about as artistic a statement as demonstrating the ability to swallow one's own tail. Cultural studies is about consumption, art is about creation. The Sex Revolts is an […]

Pat Conte

THE OLD WEIRD WORLD: Pat Conte and The Secret Museum of Mankind

"After all, a great many things that are called modern are really things that are ancient, polished over cunningly." -Unknown, from an account of a "Negro rag" dance, Leavenworth Herald, Nov. 2, 1895 Morocco, 1932. A rare kind breeze blows through the coastal village as the sun scorches down, frying the roof of one of […]