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THE BIRD: THE LIFE AND LEGACY OF MARK FIDRYCH by Doug Wilson; Thomas Dunne Books, 2013

On a sticky August night in 1976, my father and I gathered with 52,000 others to watch the sixth place California Angels play the fourth place Detroit Tigers in the fabled Tiger Stadium. Right-hander Mark Fidrych went into the game as debatably the most gripping phenom to ever grace baseball, a gangly kid with floppy […]



Before listening, I’d heard enough estimations of this Puerto Rican band of soundscapers to keep me away.  I read the phrase “prime sonic real estate" and an account that referred to a “distant shimmer of a reverb-drenched guitar…” After playing Redness Moon a few times, nothing succeeded in clearing it from the playlist, this finely […]



It’s a musical pairing that makes more sense than anyone would think, this Gibby to the mic with Jack White playing guitar like it’s 1984 and Psychic... Powerless... Another Man's Sac is fresh meat. Most listeners will flock to the modified cover of Adrenaline OD’s “Paul’s Not Home”—a witty read of the comedy punk song […]


LOOP A Gilded Eternity; Fade Out; Heaven's End; The World In Your Eyes CD/LP Reissues

On Nov 15, 2012, at 7:41 PM, steve m wrote: Are these recent reissues or from 2009? if the latter, not sure of any hook - pretty well reviewed at the time - terrific band, amazing these guys got by me – From: Subject: Re: Loop Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2012 19:50:19 -0800 To: […]


FEAR The Fear Record CD/LP

The somewhat esteemed Robert Christgau said when this came out in May 1982, “as a moralistic square, I protest…” Which is praise in a Fear fan’s ears, who are no doubt a bit square themselves and not immune to the ‘garbage in, garbage out’ paradigm. Hate to see that effluence. That said, a re-recorded reissue […]



Like a lot of bands from the punk rock 70s and early 80s, the Avengers got a lot of mileage from a limited output. Seven songs on two EPs released in ’77 and ’79, both fairly rote guitar-based ranting with political opinions based on nothing. Regardless, the music remains a feisty artifact worth taking out […]


HUMAN EYE They Came From The Sky LP/CD

Yes, we’ve lionized John Brannon to death here in Michigan, sticking him on the cover of the esteemed collection of Touch & Go Fanzine and otherwise ensuring that he grabs a brass ring along with Iggy.  But there’s plenty of room for another fucked up and empowered leader, and that may be Timmy Vulgar. Let’s […]


DIRTY THREE Toward the Low Sun CD

The violin as a guitar. I saw Eddie Jobson make it compelling with Roxy Music, essentially halting the show for a virtuoso display during the Country Life tour, and I saw Nigel Kennedy take apart a typically staid Dallas concert crowd in the late 90s. But Dirty Three’s Warren Ellis is a league above both, […]



Lists are for geeks, but since we’re talking about a new Fall release, let’s give it a shot. In order, my favorites are: Hex Enduction Hour, This Nation’s Saving Grace, Live at the Witch Trials, Levitate and Slates. Then you have the songs that are singles or jump off of otherwise routine full-lengths: “Blindness,” “Rowche […]


IT'S SO EASY: AND OTHER LIES by Duff McKagan; Touchstone, 2011

Veteran journalist Ed Quillen once pointed out that “Ray Charles did his most brilliant work during the year he was addicted to heroin” and that the magnificent Stone’s LP Exile on Main Street “has more great loud and dirty rock and roll on it than any dozen recordings by people who could pass blood tests.” […]