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SCRATCH ACID live at Webster Hall, New York City; November 7th, 2011

Most musicians never start one good band, but Dave Yow and David Sims did it twice as charter members of Scratch Acid and The Jesus Lizard. While each guy posses a singular vision of what it is that they do —Yow with his garbled manly warble and Sims with his intricate and implacable bass figures—they […]


DEAD MEAT "The King" 7" EP + "Early Recordings"

It's quite a shame that AmRep and Touch and Go don't put out records anymore. I mean, although AmRep and Touch and Go seemingly owned all the spots on the banks of  "Hating People Accompanied By Loud Guitars Swamp," it looks like Dead Meat could have a better plot than both of them. There's points […]