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It’s a musical pairing that makes more sense than anyone would think, this Gibby to the mic with Jack White playing guitar like it’s 1984 and Psychic... Powerless... Another Man's Sac is fresh meat. Most listeners will flock to the modified cover of Adrenaline OD’s “Paul’s Not Home”—a witty read of the comedy punk song […]



ATLAS SOUND “Parallax” b/w “Oh Ricky” The Bradford Cox machine never rests. He’s the motherfucking Prince of indie rock. I’d give that title to Robert Pollard but he’s not weird enough. The A-side is lifted straight off the LP of the same name but the B-side is what makes this 7” interesting. There are two […]


PUJOL Nasty, Brutish and Short CD/LP

PUJOL's Daniel Pujol releases teaser records the way Ariel Pink, the Mae Shi, and the Beatles used to release LPs—his EPs and singles have been in constant supply over the last couple of years, and he's gotten quite lucky, as an early-20-something to get picked up by Jack White's Third Man label while still in […]