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WITCH Introduction CD

It seems that with most wells poisoned or dry, the only decent things worth drinking are those that have been left untouched for years. Again, we find this to be the case with Witch, circa early 70s, Zambia, Africa. That's right.  Along with the re-release of their masterpiece Lazy Bones, QDK-Media has truly discovered something […]

Sweet Apple

SWEET APPLE Love and Desperation CD/LP

Can we name a contemporary “supergroup” gathering that came out even halfway decent? Doubt it. Dead Weather. Foo Fighters. Velvet Revolver. Tinted Windows, fer fuckssake? The truth is, sometimes, musical legacy is a detriment that can impede listenership. Case in point: I see the band Cobra Verde mentioned, anywhere, anytime, and I’m heading for the […]