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NIL BY MOUTH directed by Gary Oldman; Sony Pictures, 1998

I’ve generally steered away from the cinema ever since Jody Foster broke my heart with the putrescent Contact, and even when I did attend somewhat regularly, I didn’t pay much attention to Gary Oldman, aside from noting that he was one of the doofs in that vampire movie. So, count me surprised to find his […]


MONUMENT AVE. directed by Ted Demme; Miramax, 1998

What would otherwise be your run-of-the-mill, gangsters trying to break-the-cycle of-violence film is elevated by the performance of Dennis Leary playing a coked-out, two-bit car thief who runs with a modern day Irish outfit out of Boston. Call the sleeper patrol on this one! Leary who is fairly well type-cast at this point, with little […]


FAST, CHEAP AND OUT OF CONTROL directed by Errol Morris; Columbia Tristar Home Video, 1998

I must admit, I was shocked at how much I liked this film. I've never been much of an Errol Morris fan. I found both The Thin Blue Line and Gates of Heaven to be a bit disappointing. Both had fascinating subject matters, but the films themselves were somewhat cold, distancing, and frankly, a little […]

AMERICAN HARDCORE: THE HISTORY OF PUNK ROCK 1980 - 1986 directed by Paul Rachman; Sony Pictures Classics, 2006

At some point in his life, I'm guessing, Henry Rollins took a toastmaster class. He learned how to tell a story, gesticulate expressively, enunciate with a drill instructor's aggression, and then yap on and on about his sausage-headed self. I walked out of the documentary American Hardcore wishing that he could just shut the fuck […]


SEXY BEAST directed by Jonathan Glazer; Film Four International, 2001

Jonathan Glazer's directorial debut (previously working in the commercial and video field) is a real corker and honestly, I can't think of a film in recent memory that succeeds in rattling the viewer's cage in such a succinct way. The premise is simple: Gal (Nil By Mouth's, Ray Winstone) is a retired career criminal living […]