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100 FLOWERS s/t LP

If 100 Flowers’ discography is relatively small, even when added to their early, more primal work as the Urinals, it deserves to be held up on the same level with the best of Wire, Gang of Four and any thoughtful early-era punks you could name — a fact now becoming clear to a broader/younger audience […]


BLUT AUS NORD 777: Cosmosophy CD

Final album in the 777 trilogy and so far the only one I've heard in its entirety... an odd place to begin perhaps but I don`t feel like I'm at a disadvantage dropping in at this point but maybe I'll feel different once I put it in the context of the first two. Anyway, we […]'re

ICEAGE You’re Nothing CD/LP

Denmark’s post-punk darlings drop their sophomore effort and pick up where they left off—delivering spikes of angst ridden anthemic glory reeking of youth and nihilism in under thirty minutes. It doesn’t matter who or what, it’s always Iceage against the world and singer Elias Bender Rønnenfelt won’t let you forget it. On “Wounded Hearts” he […]


KINSKI Cosy Moments CD/LP

My first bit of exposure to Kinski took place in Seattle around 2003, which is perhaps when they were best suited to be discovered. Already, ten years ago, they were established adults, circulating around something of a non-scene; it’s sort of unclear why they never developed the large cult following that other instrumental and post-rock […]



Push the Sky Away marks Nick Cave’s fifteenth studio collaboration with the Bad Seeds, beginning with From Her to Eternity, and his first without multi-instrumentalist Mick Harvey (the last original Bad Seed). Harvey’s departure has been linked to feeling that he no longer had a voice in the Bad Seeds and it was time to […]



Before listening, I’d heard enough estimations of this Puerto Rican band of soundscapers to keep me away.  I read the phrase “prime sonic real estate" and an account that referred to a “distant shimmer of a reverb-drenched guitar…” After playing Redness Moon a few times, nothing succeeded in clearing it from the playlist, this finely […]


WAX IDOLS Discipline and Desire CD/LP

The jump from 2011's No Future to 2013's Discipline and Desire is a major upgrade, and a prime example of how collaboration can aid a band's output rather than hurt its creative process. Primary member and songwriter Heather Fedewa/Hether Fortune, at only 25, has already taken part in a handful of bands, been a dominatrix, […]


BLEACHED Ride Your Heart CD/LP

What made Mika Miko shows such a blast—and I've come to realize that a lot of men didn't see their appeal—was that, as a 5-foot, 2-inch, 21-year old girl, being able to dance in a room full of other 21-year old girls, without having to worry about getting trampled on in a circle pit, allowed […]



THE DESPERATE BICYCLES “The Medium Was Tedium” b/w “Don’t Back The Front THE DESPERATE BICYCLES “Smokescreen” b/w “Handlebars” These singles go for a fortune when you can find them so I was happy to see that they were being reissued/bootlegged. Happiness short lived. These sound like shit. Save your money. I wish I had. [Refill] […]



It’s a musical pairing that makes more sense than anyone would think, this Gibby to the mic with Jack White playing guitar like it’s 1984 and Psychic... Powerless... Another Man's Sac is fresh meat. Most listeners will flock to the modified cover of Adrenaline OD’s “Paul’s Not Home”—a witty read of the comedy punk song […]