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  • lanegan.dalton

    7-INCH BITCH #2

    THE DESPERATE BICYCLES “The Medium Was Tedium” b/w “Don’t Back The Front THE DESPERATE BICYCLES
  • umskiptar-2012-album-cover


    THE BURZUM I USED TO KNOW With summer fully baking down upon us the season
  • atlassound


    ATLAS SOUND “Parallax” b/w “Oh Ricky” The Bradford Cox machine never rests. He’s the motherfucking
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  • fall.sublingual

    THE FALL Sub-Lingual Tablet CD

    The closing scene of Michaelangelo Antonioni’s Zabriskie Point shows a building exploding. For six minutes or so, in super-slow motion, and from every possible angle. Fast-moving it isn’t, but it is fascinating, watching refrigerator doors and dust and bits of wire and pipe hurtle towards the camera, arcing and twirling and floating and falling in […]

  • robin_1

    Saved By The Bell: The Collected Works of ROBIN GIBB 1968-1970 3XCD Box Set

    The wonder of Robin Gibb is a mix between why there are so few who know and appreciate him outside the Bee Gees and simultaneously why those people give a shit. For me, Robin has always occupied a somber, longing kind of place. This is not music that will motivate you to go out on […]

  • Pop Group 3


    Good things can be worth waiting for. In the case of the Pop Group, the wait was three and a half decades. Think about that for a moment: The last time M. Stewart and Co. graced a stage on the planet prior to the current tour, Ronald Reagan hadn’t even been inaugurated; kids born that […]

  • obnox.know

    2015 Q1 Report on OBNOX

    SPLIT BRAIN EXPERIENCE Vol. 1 w/Christian D. Breit and Maximal E. Meizer reporting: OBNOX, aka Lamont “Bim” Thomas, has been making records since all but the hippest millennials were rocking out with the Wiggles. Seriously, do a cursory internet soul-search and you’ll see names such as V3, Bassholes, This Moment in Black History, Puffy Areolas, […]

  • burroughs.nothingherenow

    WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS Nothing Here Now But The Recordings LP

    William Burroughs never seemed especially at ease with the times he was born into, but perhaps his legacy of work settles into the current cultural construct even more uneasily than ever. Ironic, since his work effectively presaged an era of disjointed communication, ubiquitous meaninglessness, virulent madness and media dominance of the sort we are living […]

  • killingjoke.singles

    KILLING JOKE The Singles Collection, 1979-2012 2xCD

    Would it be too much to presume at least a passing familiarity with band so as to forego an unnecessary and tedious recitation of their particular attributes? I think not. If you have any awareness of your culture at this point, you know who they are and what they do. So I won’t bother mentioning […]

  • whitefence


    Originally released in 2010 on Make A Mess Records, Tim Presley’s White Fence debut quickly went out of print, became very desirable and started to fetch outrageous amounts of cash. Fortunately, the folks at Drag City have reissued this vinyl only gem on their new imprint God?. If you’ve been smart enough to pick up […]

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